Our Board

The Board is the governing body of the LLEN and sets the framework by which it operates. Its members come from a diverse group of local organisations and bring their collective experience to develop innovative solutions that address the needs of all young people in the area, but in particular, those that are in most need.

The LLEN Board has up to 20 members from 10 different categories which link to the four stakeholder groups. The Board membership provides a wide range of perspectives, expertise and experience related to young people. Board members hence have the means of providing quality advice to the government on policy, providing strategic direction to the EO and the means to influence positively the futures of local youth.

The Board and the Executive Officer are directly responsible to the Chair. The operational activities of the BNLLEN and the working parties are the responsibility of the EO.

The Board meets bi-monthly for an early morning breakfast meeting at the BNLLEN Office in Greensborough. It is also expected that each Board member is a member of one of the two Standing Committees and they meet as required, usually about three times during the year. Other expectations of Board members are to continue the work they already do in partnership with the BNLLEN in supporting local young people.

Composition of Board

If you are interested in more information about the BNLLEN Board please contact Nancye Harrison on 9431 8000.