Careers Networks

BNLLEN supports a range of Professional Develeopment and Careers Networks across the region.

Northern VCAL Network

About the Northern VCAL Network

The Northern Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) Network is comprised of VCAL providers in the Northern Melbourne region. It provides a supportive and collaborative framework to assist with the delivery of VCAL and includes opportunities for professional development and support of the Quality Assurance (QA) process. The Network aims to provide relevant, up-to-date information and support tools to its members and benefit VCAL professionals at all year levels and across all VCAL settings within the region.

The purpose of the Northern VCAL Network is to:

  • Provide a professional platform and series of network meetings for VCAL Providers to meet and network, access relevant resources, and share best practice.
  • Support VCAL Providers in the provision of the two VCAL QA sessions to meet the VCAA requirements set for the year.
  • Develop the opportunity for up to three further professional development sessions relevant to the needs of the Network Members.

2020 has been a busy and disruptive year for the Northern VCAL Network members. Due to the advent of COVID-19, there was a rapid change to the operations of the Network with all schools and training providers moving to remote learning models (where possible). Term One included a well-attended Quality Assurance and Professional Development session for VCAL Coordinators and teachers. What followed was a series of online meetings, discussions and sharing about the experiences and challenges of modifying learning programs and working remotely (from April onwards).

Continued learning in Term 3 was especially challenging for VCAL teachers, who were required once again to adapt their programs in a very short time frame. Remote learning is also challenging for students that prefer a hands-on learning style, and with many students who are aiming to complete vocational certificates.

Attendance average for the network meetings in 2020 was 50. Key agenda items included member speakers sharing good practice among other VCAL related matters. The VCAA provided an update on the work and information as it related to VCAL which was a valuable opportunity, as the curriculum for VCAL and key dates have been modified this year to meet the challenges of COVID-19.

We would like to congratulate all the teachers who have risen to the challenge of adapting their curriculum this year and supporting each other. For the VCAL Network, 2020 will be a landmark year.

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Banyulle Nillumbik Careers Group (BNCG)

About the Banyule Nillumbik Careers Group

The BNCG is made up of career professionals and other staff from secondary schools located in the Banyule and Nillumbik local government areas. It provides opportunity for networking, improved access to information through sharing good practice, guest speaker presentations and professional learning.

The purpose of the careers group is to:

  • Engage career professionals and staff to come together, network, access relevant resources and share best practice through a series of scheduled annual network meetings.
  • Support the provision of careers in secondary school to support career development for students in Years 7 – 12.
  • Provide up to three professional development sessions relevant to the needs of the network members.

The BNCG is made up of twenty-five (25) member schools and community education providers who come together twice a school term. With exception of the first meeting, all others were held virtually between Term 1 and 4 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, the network has shared their experiences and adapted career practice due to the move to online learning. The members also heard from a range of guest speakers including:

  • Tertiary Providers,
  • Banyule Nillumbik Technical School (BNTS),
  • CEAV,
  • Northern NDCO Program,
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Professional Development for BNCG Members

In Term 3, a professional development session on Developing Successful SBAT’s 101: A State and Local context was held for BNCG members.

Delivered via webinar, the session was designed to inform secondary school teachers, Career Coordinators, VET and VCAL professionals and support staff about the basics of establishing SBATs, and the importance of SBATs in a State and school context. There were 12 attendees from within the Northern region of Melbourne.

Presenters included a representative from the Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority – a State overview, a student who is currently undertaking a SBAT – a student perspective, a fellow coordinator - how to implement SBATs at a school level, an employer – overseeing SBATs, an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider – preparing students to be SBAT ready, a Group Training Organisation and a Registered Training Organisation

The event was successful in informing attendees how to ensure a student is SBAT ready, the benefits to students and employers and the basics of how a SBAT is structured.

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Real Industry Job Interviews

Some members of the BNCG and their respective schools/Year 9 students commit to participating in the BNLLEN’s annual Real Industry Job Interview program, designed to help students with job search, job application and preparing for a mock interview.

This year BNLLEN held a Professional Development session online for teachers on how to best deliver the Real Industry Job Interview program to their students

For more about the Real Industry Job Interview program, click here.