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Stories From My Life

A project that supports students to achieve outcomes in personal, professional and enterprising skills aligned to VCE or VCE Vocational Major.

About The Project

Stories From My life (SFML) is an intergenerational program that captures career and life stories from our ageing local communities.

The project brings together local secondary schools and older residents from Aged Care facilities or Service Club Volunteers (such as Rotary or Lions Clubs) with a focus for students to learn about the life and career journey of a local senior resident or service club volunteer. This learning is documented and prepared for presentation and/or print material by the students to present at the conclusion of the project.

Activities related to this project are aligned to the school curriculum (VCE or VCE VM). Some of these activities include: an induction, planning and preparing for the interview, collating and developing the information into a presentation or document and sharing the learnings with fellow students and citizens.

2023 Project Data

3 Schools participated

109 students were involved in the project

36 local community volunteers participated

Aim & Objectives

The aim of this project is to:

  • Increase the opportunity for students to engage with local senior and aged persons to develop personal and professional related skills
  • Help reduce social isolation for our local aging population
  • Provide an opportunity for a two-way learning process through the sharing of life stories
  • Document and celebrate the lives of our aging community and;
  • To achieve student education outcomes in literacy, personal development and work-related skills.

Case Studies


Project 1:  Diamond Valley College

  • Term 3:  7 weeks
  • VCE VM Class – Year 11 & 12 students
  • 20 students
  • 8 Volunteers

Project 2: Charles La Trobe College

  • Term 3: 7 weeks
  • Year 10 – 52 students
  • 15 Volunteers

Project 3: Project 3: Concord School

  • Year 11 – 33 students
  • 10 Volunteers

In 2023, BNLLEN was a successful recipient of a Nillumbik Community grant for the Diamond Valley College SFML. The funds enabled the project to be documented in a video and booklet.