Work Based Learning Program

What are the objectives of Work Based Learning?

The Banyule & Nillumbik LLEN School to Work Program aims to assist local senior secondary school students (usually Year 10, 11 & 12) find a suitable host employer who can provide a work placement that aligns with the student’s Vocational Educational & Training (VET) Certificate.

The placement offers students an opportunity to experience on the job training in their chosen field of work and an understanding of how a future workplace operates. The placement can be either one day a week for an agreed period (usually 10 weeks) or a one-week block.

Work Based Learning Information or Schools

The Work Based Learning team host regular Teacher induction sessions on how to use the portal and can organise to assist your school to include this function as part of the career development process for your students. We encourage you to get in touch with one of the staff members on our team!

What is the School to Work Statewide Portal?

The School to Work Statewide Portal is an online resource, where the LLEN Network advertises quality placement opportunities sourced with local employers. It enables employers to define the tasks and duties students could experience in the workplace, along with the skills students may develop which align with their Vocational Training. The portal also helps school students to find and apply for suitable work placements with employers across Victoria.

Please click the link below to see the range of opportunities currently available on the School to Work Portal.

Case Study: Totally Reptiles Student Placement

Abagail, a year 12 student from Concord School commenced an SWL placement with Totally Reptiles in February 2021 as part of her VCAL studies. Concord is just one school across the Banyule and Nillumbik region with whom the BNLLEN works on programs which are focused on positive outcomes for students.

BNLLEN facilitated the match by promoting the opportunity, then receiving and processing Abagail’s application, providing assistance and advice through the interview and induction process, and ongoing support during the placement.

On the last day of the program, we went to visit Abagail and the team at Totally Reptiles to find out how the placement went.

While on placement at Totally Reptiles, Abagail has shown a tremendous amount of growth from someone, who by her own accounts was extremely shy and scared of lizards, to someone who is an outgoing, talkative, and confident young person. She is now hoping to continue this passion for animals in the future as a vet and hopefully owning a lizard of her own.

Jodie, who is the manger and owner of Totally Reptiles, has been taking on students since 2017 and has created an environment free of judgment and hierarchy that allows students to enter this incredibly positive and family-oriented environment. Since taking on students in 2017, Totally Reptiles have been able to accommodate over eight high school students and numerous university students, with two of them staying on as employees after their placements finished.

When asked about her experience so far, Abagail said, “I love it here. Everyone’s so friendly and really treat you nice”. According to Jodie and Amy, Abagail has been “Great. She really shows initiative which is important here. You can really see the growth”. The soft skills that Abagail has developed are a credit to Jodie and the team. Abagail was explaining how she has changed since the start of her placement “I am more responsible now; I was really shy when I started but not so much anymore”.

When asked if Abagail would encourage other students to undertake and SWL, she said “Yes! I have had such fun that I want to stay on”.

Would you consider offering a placement opportunity to a local Secondary School student?

We make the process simple for you. For more information, please contact the SWL Team on 03 9431 8000 or via email on