Working Community Program

About the Program

The Working Community Program (WCP) is based on a partnership model that facilitates local school, community, and industry relationships. The aim of the Program is to support students to develop a range of transferrable skills including Teamwork, Leadership and Communication (TLC) through a year-long program.

The program's structure incorporates a range of activities for students to develop TLC skills. It includes an induction day for all participating schools and students, classroom engagement with local community organisations to support learning about what is available for community, brokering local connections with organisations to support and develop student led projects and finally, the opportunity for students to present their work at an end of year presentation event to conclude the program.


The WCP provides students with personal and professional development activities. It engages with local community organisations to support student-led projects.

The WCP is structured in four phases, incorporating community-based learning that enables young people to develop:

  1. life competencies and enterprising skills,
  2. a sense of personal and social responsibility,
  3. an understanding of the world of work.

During a one-year planned program, students develop a range of transferrable skill sets, such as teamwork, leadership, and communication. Students acquire these vital competencies through activity participation, learning in the community and reflection back in the classroom.

The WCP is mapped to the VCE Vocational Major. It can be adapted for earlier school year levels, supporting students to achieve their senior school learning outcomes.